If you are reading this, chances are you are looking for treatment for your issue related to your pelvic floor pain or dysfunction. You are not alone. Research has shown that the prevalence of pelvic pain is similar to that of back pain, and affects both men and women. It is estimated that 25 million Americans, both men and women, suffer with incontinence, and pelvic organ prolapse affects an estimated 3.3 million women in the United States.

You have probably already been to multiple doctors and specialists, and undergone, often times, embarrassing diagnostic testing. You may have already tried medications or dietary adjustments. But you are still hurting or uncomfortable.

Physical therapy can be effective in treating many of the pelvic floor conditions. Our pelvic floor specialist is uniquely qualified to treat the functional or pain syndromes of the pelvic floor, and is experienced in treating people just like you.

Our pelvic floor specialist starts with a thorough evaluation, using information from your medical history and any diagnostic tests that your doctor has ordered, in addition to using specific tests and measures to assess your pelvic floor function.

The basic tenet of the physical therapy treatment plan is to decrease the pain or improve the functioning of the pelvic floor by increasing or decreasing the tone of the related tissues. Treatment techniques may include Astym, dry needling, postural restoration techniques, as well as pelvic floor re-training, biofeedback therapy and electrical stimulation.

Pelvic floor dysfunction encompasses a wide-range of problems associated with one or more of the three systems in the pelvic floor (the urinary system, genital system, and colorectal system).

Conditions Include:

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