"Astym treatment has given back to me a part of my life which I thought was gone forever. I no longer have horrible muscle spasms in and around my scar. I have much more flexibility in my right arm and shoulder! This therapy has changed my life!"

Betty Robinson
Breast cancer survivor

What is Astym treatment?

Astym is an innovative form of soft-tissue therapy that stimulates the body to get rid of scar tissue and produce healthy tissue in areas that are causing pain and restricted movement. Healing is guided through activity and exercise, resulting in healthier, more functional tissue.

Why Astym after breast cancer treatment?

Even after successful breast cancer treatment, women may experience pain, swelling, and decreased flexibility due to scar tissue. This can occur following a mastectomy, radiation, or reconstructive surgery. Loss of motion and decreased strength may be experienced in the chest, neck and upper extremity. In addition, scar tissue can become very sensitive, making it difficult or impossible to wear a bra. Some women also experience "phantom bra syndrome," a tightness around their torso. Early treatment of scar tissue with Astym can help prevent these problems.

What's Treatment Like?

When you receive Astym treatment, a certified clinician will glide specialized instruments along the surface of your skin to identify and stimulate the areas of dysfunction. The body responds to this action by reabsorbing scar tissue and producing healthier tissue in the injured areas. Astym treatment may be combined with manual lymph drainage or other appropriate techniques as well. Astym includes a customized stretching and strengthening program specifically designed to encourage your body to heal correctly. Activity that supports healing of the dysfunctional area is encouraged and helps you get stronger and more flexible so you can return to the activities you love. You can watch a video of Astym treatment here.

Does the treatment hurt?

Astym treatment may be uncomfortable initially, but this improves with each treatment and your therapist will adjust the treatment to your tolerance. In areas where the tissue has been affected by surgery or radiation, your skin may be more sensitive than normal. It is important for you to communicate openly with your therapist so you can work together as a team to achieve the best outcome possible.

How soon can I begin Astym treatment?

Your physician and therapist will determine the appropriate time to start Astym treatment depending on your individual situation. Typically treatment can be started 3-6 weeks after surgery or completion of radiation.

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